Frustrated by how quickly my junior handler outgrew clothing, I started Best In Show Clothes.
I wanted a place for female handlers to acquire quality, gently used and new clothing at affordable prices. We come to the handler at shows with suits, blazers, skirts, dresses and designer labels. When not at shows in the Pacific and Inland Northwest, you can find a limited selection of attire here on our website. We also book private appointments in my home in Eastern Washington.

Photo credit: Touched By a Dog Photography


Sarah started showing in the Spring of 2018 after meeting local trainer and breeder Linda Baker, at a puppy fun match.

After only two weeks of training with her future Affenpinscher, Diesel, she jumped in feet first and is still loving it.

Sarah has traveled to the 2021 and 2022 AKC National Championship to compete with fellow juniors. She has recently paired up with a Belgian Tervuren, Secret, in the herding group.

When not in the junior’s ring, Sarah can be found earning trick dog titles with Diesel, helping someone in the breed ring and helping out in the clothing booth.

Photo credit: Kaitlyn Price Photography.


Technically, I run things around the booth. I just don’t openly admit to it. Why wouldn’t anyone want to stop by to see my handsome mug? Judges certainly think I’m cute and I’ve helped my junior handler, Sarah, learn all the ropes.

She is my very, very best friend and I am her ever, present shadow. She and I have had our day in the ring and now I have to be on paw to assess the new, young pups that clamor for her skills.

These days, I tolerate long walks, dream of yummy treats, work at my trick dog titles, and sleep on that giant, comfy thing that humans call a bed.

This is the life!

Photo credit: Touched by a Dog Photography.